Nordic China Business Hub

Business Development China: Contracts, verification of Chinese companies, protection of your intellectual property in China

Nordic China Business Hub assists companies that are doing business in China, sell in China, or buy from Chinese suppliers. We help you draft contracts in China that are enforceable, protect your intellectual property in China and internationally like patents – trademark – copyright etc. We also help you with verification and  background investigations of Chinese companies before you sign the contract with them, help you with transportation, customs, obtaining certifications etc. In short, we help you establish and grow your position and succeed in the Chinese market!


Our Services

Nordic China Business Hub assists companies that want to do business in China, sell in China, or buy from safe and excellent Chinese suppliers. We give you the help you need to succeed, by protecting your Intellectual Property in China, background investigations of Chinese companies, help you adapt your contracts and NDAs to the Chinese market etc.

We offer assistance in various legal matters related to business operations in China, including commercial litigation and debt recovery, Chinese company verification and due diligence, trade contract drafting and review specifically tailored for transactions in China, and protection of intellectual property, patents, and trademarks.


China business

How we work

Through our expertise in the Chinese market, being physically presence in the Chinese market and our vast network in China, we open up business opportunities and help companies achieve success. We work closely with you until all contracts and agreements are signed.

Our Customers and Partners

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