Background checks of CHinese companies, Protection of IP, Patents, Trademarks, Contracts, Due Diligence in China

About us

We in Nordic China Business Hub help other companies doing business in China. We draft contracts that follow the laws and regulations in China, help to protect intellectual property in China like trademarks and patents, verify contracts so that they are enforceable in China, help companies to verify Chinese companies before signing any contracts etc.

Nordic China Business Hub was established with the goal to help companies that want to do business in the Chinese market with legal help like drafting contracts that follow the laws and regulations in China and are enforceable in China, the protection of trademarks in China, protections of patents, copyright, etc. in the Chinese market, background investigation and verification of Chinese companies etc.

We have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Oslo. We have employees who are multilingual (English and Chinese) have long experience in international trade and business and have long experience with providing legal advice for companies that work in the Chinese market.

We help your business succeed in China. We work with companies that sell to China, produce their products in China, companies that want to start a business in China, or who want to find Chinese partners and investors.

We have both large and small companies as customers, both in the public and private sectors.

Protect your intellectual property, use contracts that are adapted to the laws and regulations in China and are enforceable, understand and verify the Chinese companies before you sign the contract in China.

"Trademarks in China"