Legal help in China

When entering into cooperation with Chinese companies, it is vital to have sufficient information about the Chinese company. We can help you doing a background investigation of the Chinese company so that you understand who you are dealing with before you sign the contract.

We help you with background investigation of the Chinese company so that you get an overview of it. You will get an overview of qualification documents, history and registration documents, an overview of the company’s owners, and knowledge of what areas of business the company you want to work with does. You will also get an overview of the company’s resources, the business status of the company, the criminal status, and what legal penalties the Chinese company has received, etc.

One should get an overview of possible tax violations, contract problems, whether or not the company has been sued before, violations of the intellectual property legislation, environmental problems related to the company, customs problems, security problems at the workplace of the company, and problems related to currency exchange, etc.

If you are going to start a business in China, we will help you to seek the necessary patent protection you need. We also provide legal assistance to represent your business and ensure patent protection, rights protection, as well as applying for a trademark to protect your brand in China.

We reduce the risk to your business by helping you to form and verify the contracts you use in China so that you have a stronger case in a Chinese court should you be so unfortunate to get into problems.

We check the legal aspects of the parties you are involved in, analyze legal risks for the commercial terms used in contracts, standardize the contracting process you carry out in China, facilitate contract risk prevention and alert mechanisms.