Checking Chinese suppliers / clients?

Due Diligence – Check your Chinese supplier, client or agent

Why is it essential to have a background check on your Chinese supplier, agent, or client?

Do you want to do business in China and have met a Chinese supplier online who says it can produce the goods you are looking for at prices you accept. This might seem like an excellent opportunity. However, what if the Chinese part asks for full payment before the goods are delivered?

Are you in a situation where you have already found someone in China who wants to help you sell your products or services, and your contacts say they have good connections and a network all over China? Everything seems positive at first, but there are still many essential factors you should consider before investing all your resources on one card:

Is the new contact a registered company in China?

What geographic part of China can the distributor cover, and what other companies does it represent?

Do the Chinese part also represent your competitors?

Does the Chinese company have a good reputation in China?

Is the Chinese company legitimate, and is it a real manufacturer that one can rely on as the goods arrive in the end?

While it is easy to find a supplier and business partner in China, you need to have a good understanding of the Chinese parts before transferring money to their bank account. We help you perform background checks on your Chinese suppliers, your Chinese agent, or distributor. Such checks include finding registration information for the company such as company name, type of business, registered address, registration capital, legal owners, business scope, date of registration of the company if applicable. It also includes revealing legal problems that the company has had, issues with customs, etc.

We may also contact suppliers and distributors personally or online to confirm the company’s details, size, nature of the business, etc.

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