Start Business in China

We offer a “one-stop” solution for companies who want to do business in China. The services we offer you include online and offline sales in China through our marketing department in China and market research before you make significant investments. It also includes sales in China and searches for distributors for your company through our sales force in China, legal services such as trademark, due diligence, background check by Chinese companies via our Chinese lawyers, import and export assistance, etc

The preparation work of your company lays the foundation for you to make the right decisions when doing business in China. We help your company get an overview of potential challenges and opportunities the company faces, also from a legal perspective.

  • What is the risk your company faces when starting a business in China?
  • Due diligence, contracts, trademark etc.
  • Typical sales tax, customs and other tax figures that will apply.
  • Typical tax figures for hiring Chinese or Europeans living in China.
  • Typical cost/time for establishing a company in China.
  • Regional assessments, if there are areas more favorable to operating in China.

We help you background check potential production companies nominated by your company.

We also help you get detailed information on how to go forward with a Chinese supply chain. This includes a comprehensive risk assessment, detailed cost information for configuring, and operating a supply chain in China. Through our work, your company can start to do more business in China and more easily achieve success.