Production in China

We help you to quality control companies so you get a good and reliable sourcing and find qualified manufacturers.

Through our network, your company will get benefits. For example, we can help you to more easily get preferences from the local government agencies working on business development through our network and by the help of a local law firm, helping you to get better tax-related conditions, easier access to local plots, subsidies, quotas and a good relationship with local government in the province you want to have your production.

We help companies get an overview of Chinese equipment suppliers, which facilitates cost control.

We assist you in establishing relationships with your target companies in your industry in China, and can handle all communication in Chinese for example during meetings if desired.

We help companies that import and buy goods from China, and help you gain knowledge of the rules and framework conditions that apply to trade with China. This makes it easier for you and your business to succeed.

Among the things we help you include:

  • customs duties and taxes
  • free trade agreements and rules of origin
  • product labeling
  • transport solutions