Sell in China

We help companies like both online and offline sales in China. We can hold sales meetings on behalf of your company in China, where we travel to places where your company is not present or book meetings on your behalf. We agree before we book and do the meetings which companies are most relevant for your business to partner with or sell to.

An essential factor for making success in China is building business relationships. By first building a relationship, it is easier to collaborate and find good distributors/manufacturers, etc. We also bring companies to China and book meetings beforehand.

We have offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou, and we also have close contacts at the government level in the field of business development in many provinces such as Qingdao – Shandong, Sichuan, Yunnan, and Hubei. Through our network, we open doors for Norwegian companies, making it easier for you to establish yourself in China.

We also provide our clients with unique opportunities to pitch their projects to visiting companies and industry delegations at the government level (which has many companies under them). This is an effective way to build relationships in the Chinese market and an effective way to achieve success more quickly.

We help companies that want to export goods and are in the process of reaching the Chinese market.

We give companies that are going to export goods more knowledge of the rules and framework conditions when doing business in China. This way, you and your company will be better prepared to succeed.

We help you, among other things

  • customs duties and taxes
  • product labeling
  • transport solutions

Digital marketing in China

We help you identify and analyze competitors in the Chinese market and provide you with detailed information so you can see what challenges lie ahead and what advertising opportunities you have.

We help you with brand positioning in the Chinese market, recommend the best presentation for your brand based on the market situation. We also help you identify your target audience and develop a strategy for communicating with the fundamental prospects for your business

We will set up any accounts needed with the help and documentation provided by you. All accounts we set up for you use the company name and can be delivered to your business at any time. For example, we can help you create your Chinese website registered in China so that you are visible in the Chinese search engine Baidu (China’s answer to Google). We also help you highlight the essential platforms in China, such as WeChat, Baidu, Weibo, etc. We take the effort to register your company on the platforms and make a design that fits Chinese culture in Chinese so that you get new leads, customers, and increased sales in China.

We create unique, compelling, creative content for you that gets attention and a higher impact based on our experience working in China and with Chinese social media. We manage fans and followers for your company if you wish that we do that. This will help you to maintain positive communication with prospects, receive questions from leads and customers, solve problems, etc. that come via questions in Chinese.

We plan and execute unique and innovative campaigns in China for you, using the most effective and appropriate channels to make your products and services more visible.

E-commerce in China

We help you sell directly on the best e-commerce platforms in China, such as or Tmall, helping you with cross-boundary transportation and payment.

We start with strategic planning:

What is your place in the Chinese market? What is the best solution for your specific product and budget?

Registration, store design, and website

Paperwork and store development need not be a burden. Give it to our dedicated team and get it done.

Management of the e-shop

We upload, update, and manage content based on your instructions.

Promotion and multi-channel strategy

We create and manage campaigns, help build brand awareness with the help of PR, KOP (Key Opinions Leader), SEO, packaging design, etc. We make sure the Chinese consumers and companies know who you are and find your products.