Webinar: “How to Verify a Chinese Company”

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In our forthcoming webinar, “How to Verify a Chinese Company,” we will provide a thorough overview of the process of verifying the validity of Chinese companies, which is crucial for guaranteeing the security and reliability of any operations in China. We will go over the main components of the verification processes with you in the webinar. Your future business interactions with Chinese enterprises may benefit greatly from the useful information presented in this webinar.

“How to Verify a Chinese Company” – Wednesday, July 5, 12:30 pm CEST. Registration


We have two more webinars coming up:

  1. “How to Protect Your Design in China” – Wednesday, July 19, 12:30 pm CEST. Registration
  2. “8 Common Problems When Doing Business in China and How to Solve Them” – Wednesday, August 2, 12:30 pm CEST. Registration


Contact us if you need legal help in China, like drafting contracts that follow Chinese law, background investigation of Chinese companies, protecting patents, trademarks, and verification of contracts to the law in China, etc.

If you require our assistance or have further questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Relationship Manager, Jan Erik Christensen, at janerik@ncbhub.com. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your business succeed in China.