Webinar: “Seeking Refunds in China: How Foreign Companies Should Handle The Problem”

Join us for our upcoming webinar “Seeking Refunds in China: How Foreign Companies Should Handle The Problem,” and learn how to navigate the complexities of seeking refunds within China’s regulatory landscape. As global business operations continue to evolve, it’s essential to understand how to secure refunds efficiently to safeguard your investment and maintain healthy business relationships. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to equip yourself with practical advice to tackle this pressing issue effectively. Join us and gain valuable insights into the refund process in China.

“Seeking Refunds in China: How Foreign Companies Should Handle The Problem” – Wednesday, September 13, 12:30 pm CEST. Registration

We’re excited to share that we have two upcoming webinars in September and October. We’ve designed these webinars to provide valuable insights and information to all attendees. We’d love for you to join us and learn with us during these sessions!

  1. “Manufacturing Alerts in China: How to Navigate Successfully” – Wednesday, September 27, 12:30 pm CEST. Registration
  2. “How to Prepare and Structure a Robust Manufacturing Contract in China” – Wednesday, October 11, 12:30 pm CEST. Registration

If you need assistance resolving trade disputes in China, drafting or modifying contracts to comply with Chinese laws and be enforceable in China, vetting Chinese businesses, or safeguarding intellectual property like patents and trademarks in China and abroad, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Contact us if you need help with drafting of contracts that follows Chinese laws and are enforceable in China, background investigation of Chinese companies, protecting patents, trademarks, verification of contracts to the law in China, or help with other legal challenges that you have in China.

If you require our assistance or have further questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Relationship Managers Jan Erik Christensen, at janerik@ncbhub.com . We look forward to hearing from you and helping your business succeed in China.

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